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9 lipca 2018
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Flower Expo Poland: the gateway to promising Polish flower market

Poland, with its 4,6% economic growth in 2017, is the fourth fastest developing economy in EU. Polish market of cut flowers and pot plants is growing even more rapidly. The best way to access it is to exhibit on Flower Expo Poland taking place in Warsaw on September 6-8, 2018.

Why exhibit on Flower Expo Poland? Poland’s potential.

Not only Polish economy is galloping, but also country’s demand on luxury goods (including flowers) is growing significantly. For example, Dutch export of floral production to Poland has increased by 22% in 2017, reaching value of €230 million! Nearly 40 million Poles are even more fond of flowers nowadays. How to get into that market? Simply by exhibiting on Flower Expo Poland.


The third edition of Flower Expo Poland is traditionally combined with GREEN IS LIFE International Exhibition. Altogether they make the greatest floriculture and horticulture trade show in Central and Eastern Europe. Last year’s edition of the event was visited by 17.000 guests including over 7.000 professionals representing florists, DIY, retailers, wholesalers and producers.


And this year’s edition of the trade show will be even more interesting for professionals. The program of the show, with its main theme “Collection of Benefits”,  will focus on practical, sellable and ready-made ideas. These include:

  • Fully arranged, different flower shop showrooms targeted at different clients and locations e.g. Glamour, Fusion, Modern, On the Go.
  • Flower demonstrations by the best-known florist influencers form Poland (e.g. Zygmunt Sieradzan, Maciej Krzus, Monika Harlos) and other European countries (e.g. Stefan van Berlo), presenting easy to recreate arrangements.
  • Seminars on practical issues like visual merchandising or social media presence in flower business.


The show is already open for registration. To participate as an exhibitor contact ewa.luczak@zszp.pl. For more information and to register as a professional visit www.flowerexpo.pl.