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16 maja 2019
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„Róża do wszystkich rzeczy…”. Wyjątkowa wystawa w Muzeum Zamoyskich w Kozłówce
1 czerwca 2019

FLOWER EXPO POLAND 2019, the Natural Choice

Flower Expo Poland

Flower Expo Poland

FLOWER EXPO POLAND has already proved to be an effective platform for gaining business contacts and succeeding in Polish market. And it is worth being there – Poland’s economy is one of the fastest-growing in EU and with unprecedented demand for flowers and plants. The 4th edition of the fairs will take place on September 5-7, 2019 in Warsaw.


The Polish market of flowers and pot plants is growing even more rapidly than the whole Polish economy (+5.1% in 2018!). For instance, export of flowers and plants from the Netherlands to Poland has been on the rise for the past five years now with annual double growth rates. In 2017 it reached staggering value of €230 million.


This 38-million nation is also exceptionally attached to the presence of flowers as a company of important occasions. it is natural for Poles to choose flowers when it comes to gifts, events and special moments. Who else celebrate name days with such armfuls of flowers? FLOWER EXPO POLAND 2019 motto – Natural Choice – emphasizes also that the organic need of people is to surround themselves with greenery. Those ideas will be included in the trade show wide scenography and program – showrooms, flower and product shows, seminars and workshops.


Thanks to its geographical position, Poland is the perfect location for the business operations targeted to the nearby countries, such as the Baltic States, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Future floriculture events in Poland i.e. the European Floristic Championship in 2020 and the World Horticultural Exhibition in 2024, are confirming the country’s strong position in the flower and horti sector of the region.


For outdoor greenery inspirations one can also visit 27th GREEN IS LIFE International Exhibition organized together with FLOWER EXPO POLAND since its beginning in 2016. The synergy of the fairs works successfully making them the most complementary event for flower and horti sector in the region.


Nearly 300 exhibitors from 10 countries took part in the joint fair last year. Nearly 17.000 guests from 36 countries visited the fair. Of which more than 7.500 were trade professionals – 7,2% more than in the previous year. The presence of decision makers was a very positive factor – owners, managers and directors accounted for 62% of total industry visitors. So, whether you are a potential exhibitor, a professional or just a flower lover – it is just natural to be there.